Our selection for your coffee time in Padua

  • After a long selection process, we selected for you the best and most iconic coffee-shops in our city. This is the list:
    1. “Pasticceria Breda” has over fifty years as a family business and during this period it has become one of the most loved coffee-shops in Padua. But what makes it special? The old recipes which are reinvented in a new way. The cafe creates impressive cakes and cake designs which are just waiting for you!
    2. “Caffeine” opened in recent years, but it has quickly become really popular among young people. It is in Via Roma, a central street that connects Prato della Valle with the central squares of the city. It is also sometimes the place from which “Radio Padova” transmits its broadcast. But you shouldn’t come here just to partecipate in social events, because coffee has still a central role, as you can understand from the name!
    3. “Caffè Pedrocchi” is not just a simple coffee-shop, but it’s a landmark for the city of Padua. Since its founding more than two centuries ago it has become an iconic institution. It has such an interesting history that we will write an article just about it, but even if you are not interested in culture, you will surely enjoy the extraordinarily good coffee and food.
    4. “Pilar” is a coffee-shop that is especially popular among young people. On Saturday evenings its position in Piazza dei Signori is perfect for meeting with your friends. In addition to coffees you should come here for an aperitif and try a “spritz”.

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