The history of “Cafè Pedrocchi”

Funded in 1772, Cafè Pedrocchi is named after Francesco Pedrocchi, the founder. The cafè was to be “the most beautiful one on the earth”. The cafè is located in the city center, next to the university, town hall and markets.

Francecso’s son, Antonio, expanded the business to cover the entire block. The coffee house became known as “coffee without doors”, because it was open both day and night until 1916. The prices at Cafè Pedrocchi were not expensive, so all sorts of people came to eat, regardless of their income or position. The owner at that time, Antonio Pedrocchi, was among the first in Padua to install gas lights.

At Cafè Pedrocchi, anyone could sit at the tables, even without ordering and just read a book or a newspaper. Woman got flowers when arriving, and in the case of sudden rain, costumers were lent an umbrella. In 1839, the pastry shop was built. It was called “Pedrocchino” and was built in a Gothic style.

When Antonio Pedrocchi died in 1852, he left the entire business to the son of an apprentice, Domenico Cappellato. Cappellato was the last owner, and when he died in 1891, the cafè was willed to the city of Padua.

Since 1772, Cafè Pedrocchi has been a meeting place for students, artists, writers and patriots where they have discussed culture, politics and life.


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